Goodbye Zulu!
2021. 10. 28.

Our Rothschild Giraffe bull who was born in the Sóstó Zoo 3.5 years ago, moved to the Czech Republic to be a breeding bull.

While the "long-legged" animals are very shy and the deep anesthesia is very dangerous for them , the moving requires serious preparation, as a careless kick cause serious injury to him or personal injury, so months of animal training preceded Zulu's the Nyíregyháza-born Rothschild giraffe, walked into the trailer designed for giraffe transport without any problems.

The Co-workers of the Park with a special multi-meter high deflector, adjusts the corridor of the corridor house, which, after the previous day's soothing injection and several months of training, walked into the giraffe trailer of Dvur-Kralove almost immediately.

The Sóstó Zoo is very succesfull of the breeding of the endangered ungulates for years. Zulu was the eighth giraffe who was born in Nyíregyháza, who now as a result of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) in the Czech Republic, the Zoo of the zámek Zlín – Lešná establishes dynasty.

The conditions of the moving available in our facebook page.