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Dear Guests
2021. 05. 05.

Dear Guests,

We would like to inform you that according to government decree no. 194/2021 (IV.26.) the Nyíregyháza Zoo and the hotels operated by the Nyíregyháza Zoo (Hotel Dzsungel, Hotel Ózoon, Hotel Pangea) may only be visited with a so-called immunity certificate by people over 18 years of age for the time being. The immunity certificate is not required for visitors under 18.

According to the regulation, the service provider must check that the visitor has a valid immunity certificate when he or she enters. If the service provider breaches this regulation, it can be closed even for 1 year. We ask you not to dispute the regulation with our colleagues as they are only doing their jobs and must comply with the laws in force.


Thank you for your kind understanding.