44 years ago on this day CITES convention was signed!
2021. 04. 15.

44 years ago on this day CITES convention was signed!

Today we are celebrating worldwide the World’s Wildlife Day, the diversity of the Earth’s flora and fauna draw attention to the importance of protecting them. Unfortunately, nowadays the wildlife’s survival is in great danger that mostly due to cross-border animal trade. Besides to human trafficking, drug and weapon trafficking it has become one of the most lucrative crimes in the world. Its annual cash flow gets to 159 million dollars (nearly 32 trillion HUF) and annually affects more than 350 million individuals.

Often an unsuspecting shopper can also contribute to the illegal destruction of animals and plants for example by buying reptile skin products, ivory jewelry or other animal or plant ornaments on exotic trips. Besides that there is a significant demand for living rare species for which huge amount of money are often given on the black market. Most people don’t even think about that what it takes to have an exotic animal in their house. Most of the traded animals and plants are caught and collected in the wild. During the capture, transport and the quarantine 70-90 percent of certain animals can die. The unregulated international animal trade with the endangered species are growing and the harmful effects of all that is necessitated an establishment of an international agreement. This is how the Washington Convention was created on March 3rd, 1973 or known as CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) to which Hungary joined in 1985. Its purpose to control the trade of the endangered species and by this to prevent thousands of animal and plant species from extinction. For today the global convention has 181 parts (180 countries and the European Union), and regulates or occasionally prohibits trade in nearly 35.000 species.

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