This happened in 2021
2022. 01. 06.

The year of 2021 will surely be memorable in the life of our Zoo, as several cubs have been born that never seen before in the 25 years of Our park.

It is no exaggeration to say that for decades, our caretakers have been waiting for the love of the silver hornbill (Bycanistes brevis) birds that native in Africa, which was fulfilled this year and hatched by the summer of 2021 in a nest carefully walled by the male bird.

But the scarlet Ibis was also successful, as the world’s largest pigeon, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon couple, also raised a chick.

The year started hardly as the park and zoo hotels were closed until 10 May, but from May the interest for one of the biggest tourist attraction in the country started to increase.

July and August brought a record number of guests, had never seen before in the Zoo in the summer, so by the end of the year we could have enjoyed 430,000 guests.

A zoo is always shaped, beautified and transformed. We started the season with the House of India in the spring. Breeding specimens of Indian armored rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) were presentes here, but we also developed characteristic mangrove swamps on the Indian Ocean coast. The attraction of the House of India is the habitat of the black-spotted shark (Carcharhinu melanopterus) colony, but also you can see the special turtle collection of the ZOO and a pair of extremely rare Himalayan parrots (Psittcaula himalayana).

The Madagascar Trail also opened in the summer, featuring some iconic species from the interesting fauna of the African island, such as the red ruffed lemurs (Varecia rubra) and the vase parrots (Coracopsis vasa).

It was a real Christmas present the two young zebra shark ( Stegostoma fasciatum) from the Canary island’s Loro Park.