Together for Biodiversity
2021. 07. 14.

At the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Nyíregyháza Zoo joined the international coalition called "Together for Biodiversity!" which aims to achieve that the joining institutions such as the national parks, the zoos, the botanical gardens and the natural history museums raise awareness of the natural crisis and the importance of the preservation of the diversity of the flora and fauna together.

In the ‘ZOO school’, the summer children's camp of the Nyíregyháza Zoo, the children do not only get to know groups of animals or certain species, but also get a comprehensive picture of the roles and the significance of such living beings in the ecosystems and the associations.

During the environmental education, it is extremely important to teach them the approach of systems, so that the children can recognize the relationship between the animals and their environment, as well as the interplay between the species. The ecological topics, which are often difficult to understand, can be comprehended more easily if they are explained to the children playfully, through games and when we present a topic through examples that they meet relatively often in their everyday lives and is “tangible” for them.

The campers participate in five themed days during the period from Monday to Friday. During our reptile program, the children manage to understand the concept of biodiversity and the importance of its preservation most easily through the examples of the European pond turtle native to Hungary and the invasive red-eared slider species.