Australia and New Zealand flora and fauna


In the Wildlife of Australia and New Zealand system of enclosures the visitors can see, among others, the red giant kangaroo, the largest marsupial that lives on Earth today, and its smaller relatives, the Bennett's wallabies. Next to them live the red-coated dingos, the Australian wild dogs. 

The larger cockatoo species, the typical birds of Australia, such as the Major Mitchell's cockatoo, the galah or the sulphur-crested cockatoo, live in the outer aviaries of the zoo, while the smaller broad-tailed parrots are exhibited in a separate aviary, next to the Australia House.

In addition to the parrots with colourful feathers, the voice of the laughing kookaburra, the largest kingfisher can be heard from far away. In addition to a photo exhibition, a collection of plants waits for the visitors in the interior of the Australia House, where they admire the typical plants such as the eucalyptus or the tea tree.

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