Green Pyramid

Wildlife of Asia and Indonesia

A facility unique both in Hungary and the Central European region opened its gates to the public; the Green Pyramid including an Oceanarium and a Tropical Rainforest was constructed on 4000 square meters in a three-storey building. The underground floor of the Green Pyramid presents the fauna and flora of the Indian Ocean. Moving through the glass corridor, visitors get the opportunity to observe the environment of sharks, rays, corals and other creatures in a tank filled with 500.000 liters of water. In consideration of the great interest, visitors have the chance to experience shark feedings twice a week, during which they can watch from the glass corridor while the more than two meters long sand tiger shark consumes its breakfast. 

The Tropical Rainforest is situated above the Oceanarium. When entering, visitors immediately meet Europe’s largest Komodo dragon breeding pair, but they can also reach the orangutan exhibit and the Cave of Fear by crossing the suspension bridge. After passing by the waterfall hurtling down from an altitude of 10 meters, visitors can discover the special collection of thrillingly beautiful reptiles. 

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