Polar Region

Arctic and Antarctic wildlife

Sóstó Zoo’s Polar Region displays the fauna and flora of the North and the South Pole. The untouched world of nature, the kingdom of eternal snow and ice is ruled by nature and the animals living there. There are only a few animals and plants capable of adapting to the extreme circumstances, yet these lands take pride in a very interesting fauna. The arctic fauna – including the polar bear – is extremely endangered due to the ice blanket getting thinner. Sóstó Zoo keeps its polar bears and its penguins in cooperation with the EEP European Endangered Species Progamme for the polar bear and for the Humboldt penguin, which coordinate the keeping and breeding of these animals in zoos.

The Zoo’s Polar Region creates a special environment for its inhabitants. In the nature polar bears and penguins live thousands of kilometres far from each other, here they welcome visitors in neighbouring enclosures. The Zoo’s initiative to keep polar bears on sandy ground instead of stony is unique in Europe, and the animals enjoy themselves very much in this environment. Their well-being is also served by the modern pool with strung water surface. Visitors can have an insight to the underwater life of harbour seals, penguins and polar bears through the glass walls of the Arctic Panorama.  

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