Tarzan’s Trail

African wildlife

Visitors are tempted to an enchanting African adventure by the Tarzan’s Trail. The world’s third largest continent has an exceedingly colourful and rich fauna and flora. Besides the fauna and flora of tropical rainforests, savannahs, deserts and mediterranean areas, the island of Madagascar forms a separate category in the continent’s fauna. However, as a result of deforestation and poaching, many species are threatened by the danger of becoming extinct. Sóstó Zoo is involved in the conservation programme of more than 20 native African species.

The Tarzan’s Trail enwreathes the Zoo. The exciting fauna of the black continent holds numerous surprises for the visitors making their way through this out-of-the-common trail. They have the chance to see the giraffe family, to feed the hamadryas group living on the Great Hill and to meet the cultic animals of magical Africa – antelopes, zebras, watusi cows and rhinos. African elephants, the largest terrestrial animals in the world also enrichen the Tarzan’s Trail, just like pygmy hippos, the lion family, flamingos, crocodiles and slender-tailed meerkats. The Zoo’s cheetahs also live here, and visitors can look into the life of a traditional masai village, too.  

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