World of Andes

South American wildlife

The North America exhibit does not only present bisons (the main food of Native Americans), pumas (the carnivores always lying in ambush) and playful raccoons, but Winnetou’s world can also be discovered in the Indian camp constructed there.

The fauna and flora of tropical rainforests comes to life in the South America House. Those interested in botany have the pleasure to see enormous carnivorous plants, colourful bromeliads, elkhorn ferns and numerous exotic crops such as cocoa - the food of the gods. Caimans and snapping turles lie in wait for their prey in the stream, while those who are sharp-eyed can have a glimpse at capybaras and tapirs hiding in the greenery.

After stepping out of the house one will get to know further native South American animals; perpetual-motion squirrel monkeys, curious white-faced sakis, tiny tamarins, silky-haired alpacas, llamas, vicugnas and dreadful jaguars. 

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